West of Ireland

Dandelion Atlantic Lass

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West of Ireland
May 2005
by Huntingfield Proud Tim X Brush of Luck (TB)

Dandelion Atlantic Lass (aka Poppet) is a dynamic, athletic foal. She runs and leaps for the sheer joy of it. When she moves around the pasture, she trots with huge, floating strides and then will explode into a gallop and accelerate until she comes to a fence where she slides to a stop and Under Construction stands there and snorts. She just has to see what that body of hers can do. Poppet loves being Poppet. She is confident, cheeky and friendly. She comes right up to whomever enters her pasture. You have to be ready for her as she will probably come to you at a full gallop.

Her mane has turned flaxen, and with her white markings, she is extremely flashy. Everything about Poppet says look at me. Poppet is extremely powerful. She has large, clean hocks and knees and plenty of bone. She has excellent shoulder and hip angles and her neck ties in high to the withers. She has a huge hindquarters with a ton of muscling through the second thigh. Poppet is an excellent prospect for a purebred broodmare and will likely excell in the show ring on the line or in a performance class.

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